Frequently Asked Questions
What if i'm not ready to do my entire home at once?

Many clients choose to work on their project in phases. This gives them an opportunity to budget for new spaces, make changes as their family evolves, and learn more about what they like.

What if the scope of the project evolves?

It’s not a matter of if, but when — and it’s not a problem! The scope changes as your style evolves and your priorities further develop. We’re equipped to guide you before moving forward as plans, budget, or timeline changes.

Can you give me an hourly estimate?

Once we nail down the scope of your project onsite, we can set some baseline expectations in terms of hours. But due to the evolving nature of design, we cannot deliver a concrete quote.

What qualifies as billable time?

We are continually focused on spending time effectively and after years in business, we have this down to a science. Billable hours fall into two categories: design time and project management time – time spent is logged in detail daily. We chat more about this during the onboarding process!

How do installs work? Will there be multiple?

We try to bundle deliveries and installs whenever possible to save on cost. However, since lead times vary for each item we will weigh the cost-benefit of storing items at the receiving warehouse for a larger install versus delivering as they trickle in.

We are here to be a sounding board for all of your questions, concerns, and curiosities.
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